Amon Dessources - 2022 World Masters Champion - Purple Belt Light Feather


Coach Amon had a great year and topped it off by winning IBJJF Master Worlds. Amon has been training with Odyssey for just about a year and he came in as a true student of the game. He works on his craft daily, always looking to improve the smallest of details. He takes notes, watches film, studies the top players, and always looks for improvement (regardless of the outcome of the match.) 

Over the course of the last year, Amon paid close attention to the details taught by both Professor Brandon and Professor Greg. His passing game jumped by leaps and bounds. His tactical decision making became sharper. His guard game evolved to have several layers and hubs to it. And his submission rate increased. All of this is due to the fact that he put the work in day in and day out.

These traits paid off huge dividends this year for Amon as he went 5-0 at Worlds submitting the last 4 opponents, 2 bow and arrow chokes, and 2 armbars. After this run, an exhausted and emotional Amon was promoted to Brown Belt by Professor Greg. 

Next up for Amon is Euros and Pans 2022 as a newly minted Brown Belt. Having Amon as both a student and a coach is a real treasure to our program.

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