Every square inch of our mat space is supported by a professionally installed spring loaded floor topped with professional grade 2" thick tatami mats from Fuji Mats. This method of installing mats is a best practice that must be experienced to understand how much of a real difference it makes.


  • Much safer and forgiving on the body during takedowns and general grappling training.
  • Much more enjoyable training experience with that dramatically reduces injuries.
  • Allows for much longer and consistent training sessions. Read more here.


Odyssey BJJ has a state of the art strength and conditioning section that can help you meet all your fitness and training goals. We have specialized athletic training and development equipment such as reverse hypers, glute ham raises, and numerous squat racks and deadlift platforms.

We also have specialized bars and bands and equipment geared toward the grappler such as grip trainers, Sorinex glute blasters, and a full range of kettlebells and medicine balls.

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