Odyssey BJJ Rules

  • Welcome the educators and individual understudies by giving handshakes (or bowing).
  • Line up Formation toward the finish of class - Higher positioning understudies on the right and lower positioning understudies on the left.
  • While trusting that the following class will begin sit on the edge of the mat without much wiggle room or on the seat in the front region.
  • Extend regard to all partners and offer information unreservedly as this exercise center values shared development.
  • Continuously help less experienced understudies.
  • While competing, consider that size and experience matters. Competing should be a growth opportunity, where the two understudies learn.
  • Control yourself - language, activities, signals, and articulations.
  • Try not to call Instructor out to fight. It is discourteous.
  • Appropriate BJJ custom asks that more significant level belts welcome lower level belts to fight and prepare.
  • At the point when you start a match you need to complete the match.
  • On the off chance that you have any wounds or wellbeing concerns, advise the teacher and know your cutoff points.
  • No recording classes.

Security and Cleanliness Standards

  • Tap ahead of schedule to keep away from injury.
  • Keep your Jiu-Jitsu uniform clean and scents free. If you appear with a dirty Gi you can not go to the class. (The mat must remain clean at all times)
  • Keep fingernails and toenails cut and clean to prevent injury.
  • Secure long hair.
  • No watches or adornments.
  • Take off shoes prior to venturing onto the mat.
  • No horseplay when the mat is occupied, as this is when individuals will generally get injured.
  • The suggested security gear is a mouthpiece and cup.
  • No food or beverages are allowed on the mat.
  • Face toward a divider while changing your uniform.
  • Keep uniform and belt on while you are on the mat.
  • Utilize gave shoes while utilizing the bathroom.
  • Appropriately tape any scraped areas for hygenic / medical purposes.


Helpful PDFs

IBJJF Graduation System



IBJJF Rules Book



Technical Fouls & Illegal Moves



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